Photo courtesy Brown + Brown Architects
Photo courtesy Brown + Brown Architects

If your client is struggling with ideas for his or her white living room, fear not! There are many benefits to choosing this particular color. White can make a room feel brighter or even bigger but be careful, too much white can make a room feel sterile. 

One suggestion that you could pass along to your client, courtesy of Joanna Simmons at HOUZZ, is to consider paneling: 

There’s no denying it: A white wall can look rather predictable. If you love white and crave the element of surprise too, try incorporating paneling. The horizontal design here creates lines around the room, adding lots of movement without deviating from the white design. The dark shadow gap between each board is interpreted as a color theme and reproduced on the hearth, armchair and picture frame.

Looking for more ideas when decorating a white living room? Click over to HOUZZ. Also check out the pictures below:

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