What if you could look up every remodeling and construction project in your town? That’s exactly what San Francisco-based startup, BuildZoom, is doing. Using public records, BuildZoom has put together what they say is the “complete remodeling history of Chattanooga.” To see what’s happening around you, users simply enter their address which directs them to a page that allows them to explore the remodeling projects in their neighborhood. The site also allows users to narrow down their search by project. 

BuildZoom has collected data from more than 600 building permit departments in nearly 500 cities and 100 countries. The site helps people find contractors for remodeling projects simply by seeing what others in their area are doing. In Chattanooga alone, 172 of the 2,762 licensed contractors have signed up with more on their way.

In 2011, Wei and Petersen built the initial version of BuildZoom to solve personal challenges they both experienced with finding reliable home improvement contractors. They made their offering available to the public and, before long, saw demand for their service increase dramatically.

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