New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE) had a soft-launch for a new smartphone app, Jornalero, which allows day laborers to record hours and wages and rate employees anonymously. New York Times staffer Liz Robbins takes a look at the app which is available in Spanish and English.

NICE hopes to spread the app to all 70 of the day labor stops in New York City as well as across the country. Although the site is anonymous, users list their phone number on their profile so that any wage discrepancy can be handled by NICE:

“The app is not just reactionary,” Manuel Castro, the executive director of NICE, said. By keeping records, he said, workers will be prepared to prove they have not been paid. “Just in case something happens, they have it stored,” Mr. Castro said.

He added, “We’re launching this as a way to learn more about how to use technology.”

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