It’s important to preserve your lien rights on every remodeling job. This avoids people not getting paid by the those overseeing the purse strings. Each state has a different name for these contracts and different timing requirements, but Michael Stone from Mark Up and Profit recommends looking into your state’s laws and making sure to file a preliminary notice on every job allowed. 

Contractors often make this mistake at the beginning of a job, thinking that their client will be honest. Most contractors end up not bringing something unpleasant up at the beginning of a working relationship. However, when the relationship is good, it is the best time to bring up somewhat unpleasant matters. 

Maintaining your lien rights, and following through with a lien when necessary, demonstrates that you're a professional. You run your business like a business and expect to be paid accordingly. It also sends a message to everyone concerned that your company won't play games when it comes time to be paid for the work completed.
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