The Baltimore Sun recently released an investigation that found Maryland's system for protecting children from deteriorating lead-based paint is "inadequately enforced" and "relies on data riddled with errors." In a meeting on Monday, state and city regulators spoke on the need to look into the issue and figure out why so many children are still being infected. 

Contact reporters, Timothy B. Wheeler and Luke Broadwater report on the issue which a spokesman for Maryland's governor weighed in on:

Gov. Larry Hogan's spokesman pointed out Monday that "great progress" has been made over the past two decades, with a 98 percent reduction statewide in the number of children found to be poisoned. But spokesman Matt Clark acknowledged that "there is more work to be done in order to put an end to childhood lead poisoning once and for all."

For more information for Maryland's concerns over lead paint, head over to THE BALTIMORE SUN:

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