Through a series of discussions, interviews, and polling asked homeowners in 11 countries to describe the ins and outs of a kitchen project they had completed, have underway, or are planning on undertaking in the next three months. Data from finds that "41% of homeowners are remodeling kitchens that are 16 to 30 years old.” 

So are we going to see some futuristic kitchens in the new year? Likely not. Ken Burghardt, owner of Domicile San Francisco, told that homeowners are looking to a kitchen that provides them “basic function and classic style.” Consumers aren’t interested in being able to operate their oven from their iPhones. 
Homeowners almost everywhere seem to want white cabinets, pullout garbage and recycling bins, more pantry storage and new countertops, appliances, cabinets — new everything, really.
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