Executive recruiters Bess Cadwell and Jacque Linaman, with Arizona-based recruiting firm Govig & Associates, speak with Builder senior editor Jennifer Goodman on how companies in construction can attract women workers. Roughly 9% of the workforce in construction is made up of women.

Caldwell and Linaman say that the industry offers women a diversity of work and offers opportunities for women that are often in line with the strengths of female professionals. These roles typically are offered to women in project management, operations, and business development.

When asked why the industry "is a good place for women workers” recruiters Cadwell and Linaman said,

In general, the construction industry offers something many women are looking for from their career—diversity. Diversity of projects, opportunities, colleagues and growth potential. For women who want to be part of an exciting and growing industry with the ability to impact the future for women professionals, construction is a great place. Working in a predominately male environment also means that for women who have a strong, motivated style, they won’t be judged or misunderstood with how they handle business and projects."
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