From social media to email to smartphones, technology has made it easier than ever to build and run your business. As technology continues to evolve, it may have an effect on your work at the jobsite.

Writing for Remodeling's sister site, Builder, Drew Vass says 20% of builders experiment with drones and 3D printers to help on the jobsite. He notes that builders were also using 3D laser scanners on their jobsites because the lasers "can capture details of a structure down to 2 milimeters worth of accuracy." Other technologies such as augmented and virtual reality headsets have not yet been fully realized for the building and remodeling industries.

Vass says that these technologies will not only change the way you run your jobsites, but will also change your workforce:

As technology ramps up, future jobsites will include swarms of intelligent life—not all human—as microchips replace hammers. Superintendents might know nothing of nail guns or drywall mud, instead applying the tenets of IT to the building envelope. Or even perhaps even they will be figments of the imagination, generated by AR.

Follow the link below for more information and an interactive graphic that explains the use of different technologies on the jobsite.

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