Photo courtesy Cummings Architects
Photo courtesy Cummings Architects

The Johnson-Thompson House was originally built in 1750 and remained in their family until 1994. After, Craig and Kate Carswell moved into the home they discovered that their family of 7 needed more room than the two-story farm house provided.

Karen Egly-Thompson, HOUZZ, takes a look at the remodeling of this historic home which included interior and exterior renovations as well as an entire addition:

The new dining room occupies a space in the original structure, to the right of the foyer. The beam running through the ceiling is original to the house. Classic floral drapery in gray and earth tones and a style-appropriate light fixture over the dining table nod to the era when the home was built.

For more information on this historic remodel, head over to HOUZZ:

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