It happens to almost everyone: a new client calls and they want a project done now. You need to quickly assemble people for the job from calling your project estimator, calling your concrete guy, roofer, electrical, plumber, drywall and insulator. Telling them you need quotes back right away for the client to get started, you hear back from everyone saying they’ll get you estimates by the next day. The next day comes, the subs at your job site haven’t shown up. What are you supposed to do? 

Michael Stone writes on how to make sure that your subcontractors don’t flake out on you at the last minute. However, look at it from the contractor's point of view: if there is no design agreement from the client, who is going to pay them? To avoid this, make sure that when you make your sales calls that you have a start date and budget agreement upon with the client. This also includes a design agreement that you can show to your subs. You can speed up the process of getting a quote by taking pictures of the job site and making sure you see a “clear, detailed job specifications so they know exactly what you want done.”

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