In new data by National Association of Home Builders finds that households headed by those 55 and over account for more than 30% of all households in America. Builder magazine’s editor-in-chief John McManus, breaks down what this data means for the future of home ownership and remodeling.

McManus writes,

Our Hanley Wood sibling Metrostudy data shows that as of 2015, fewer than one in five new homes is built and sells to 55+ households, indicating a massively under-served market of people with greater household wealth, discretionary means, better credit, and, most importantly, big motivation to move into homes that are better-suited, healthier, safer, more durable, more comfortable, more efficient to operate, and more-connected to the resources, needs, and desires people feel they've earned for the next stage of their lives.

What does this mean for remodelers? Expect to see a trend in remodeling projects for an elder population. Projects will involve downsizing of homes, more open floor plans, renovations to accommodate more mobility not involving stairs, and easier accessibility.

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