Designers may not always feel like the best sales reps. But in order to get skeptical clients on board with more than just a "because I think this is the best idea," designers need to have a solid argument that will persuade clients to buy-in. Fast Company presents five tactics, adapted from Experience Required, that will help make the sale:

1. Listen and repeat their words: Is your client trying to tell you something that they don't know how to express? Listening to a client will help you pinpoint what their goals really are, and what the constraints of the project are. It will also ensure that your next recommendations are relevant to the client's needs.

2. Always ask questions: Asking questions will help the designer understand the client's needs and help them form a better argument about their design plans.

3. Patiently unravel your reasoning: Providing an explanation about your reasoning allows clients to see the process behind why you are making the recommendation that you are. It shows clients the level of care and thought that goes into an idea.

4. Present your case like an essay: Essays are well planned out, and have specific points to support a thesis. Presenting your argument in this way will answer questions that clients have before they even ask.

5. Point to the evidence: Always having evidence to support your claim will not only make your argument stronger, but will boost your reputation over time as well. Data helps you make the case for your recommendation to everyone else, especially after you’ve vetted it yourself. If you’re out front with all the facts in your hand, and you’ve considered your recommendations, and you can demonstrate their validity, people will believe you. They’ll believe in you.

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