Certain home improvements can make it more difficult for your client to sell their home down the road. Using Remodeling’s annual Cost vs. Value report, Wide Bread breaks down five of the worst home improvement projects home owners can make.

  1. Adding a pool may seem like a good idea to a client. However, remind them that pools are expensive for upkeep and that many home buyers won’t purchase a home with a swimming pool because of the required maintenance. Furthermore, pools are dangerous for kids and could scare away home buyers with young children.
  2. Using an extra space for a home office would hurt your client’s sale price when it’s time for them to move on. Suggest to your client that they use this space instead for an extra bedroom.
  3. If your client has a large driveway, along with a growing family, turning the garage into a bedroom may not seem like such a bad idea. However, potential buyers often demand to have a garage and not having one could drastically reduce the asking price of a home.
  4. An over the top landscaped backyard requires a lot of upkeep. While your client may love gardening, many future buyers may not be so in love with the idea of spending days digging in the dirt. Home buyers may see a beautifully landscaped backyard as future weekends spent weeding and trimming, thus turning off future purchasers.
  5. Adding a pop of color here and there is never a bad idea. However, when there’s too much color in one room, that excitement could steer a buyer away. Unless the client wants to do another paint job before selling, suggest to your client to limit the color pops throughout the home. Steer them towards more neutral colors where buyers have an easier time picturing themselves in the home.
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