The labor shortage is a tricky problem that no one in the construction industry could dismiss. These days, builders and remodelers are quite aware of the issue and are proactively looking for solutions to the problem. Construction Dive staffer Emily Peiffer attended an expert panel on HomeAdvisor's Insight Forum and shares the takeaway from the event. Peiffer writes,

Panelists cited marketing efforts as one of the main methods that could combat the dearth of workers. "Homebuilders should get out there and market to young people," CNBC real estate reporter Diana Olick said. "Say that it's technology, that it could be as glamorous as a tech job. There are a million great stories of innovation in construction. (Homebuilders are) so busy marketing to buyers, and especially millennial buyers. They should be interested in getting millennials interested in (jobs in) housing."

Tara Sinclair, chief economist at, suggested that wage increases for labor positions, as well as greater emphasis on opportunities for advancement in the industry, are crucial to reaching the elusive younger generation. The industry should try to "make housing cool" and "sell the idea that building something actually means something," she said.

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