The National Association of Home Builders reports that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will now permit online certification for refresher training courses on lead.

Entitled, “Lead: Renovation, Repair, and Painting” this training is designed for those remodelers that work with homes that may contain lead. This re-certification is valid for three years, unlike hands-on training that lasts for five years. NAHB Remodelers are hesitant to welcome the change. While the online re-certification means that now remodleres no longer have to take time-off to take an off-site training course, the fact that the online certification is only valid for three years, rather than five, isn't going over well with remodelers.

NAHB Remodelers Chair Tim Shingley echoed these sentiments in a statement,

NAHB Remodelers appreciates that EPA’s changes provide some flexibility, but the limited and convoluted parameters of the online training option are unnecessarily complicated and could affect the number of renovators who opt to become re-certified.

Remodelers who have been grandfathered in under the Department of Housing and Urban Development and EPA lead-based paint training course must also attend a hands-on refresher course.

For more information on in-person training, remodelers should search the EPA's website or contact their local HBA which can be located at

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