More disturbing news is coming out about the scope of lead poisoning among kids in Michigan. Originally the problem seemed to be contained to Flint, Mich. which found that a variety of policy issues resulted in kids being affected by high levels of lead poisoning. These high levels of lead poisoning forced Flint, Mich. to declare a state of emergency. Lead poisoning in children can lead to developmental brain growth, behavioral issues, reduces a child's IQ, and reduced attention span. In Flint, the lead poisoning was being caused by the high levels of lead found in the water supply system.

Many other Michigan communities have started to raise their concerns about the possibility of their kids having lead poisoning. In some other communities the culprit was lead-based paints. These paints are usually used in older, rundown homes in primarily low-income communities. A recent report by the Center for Michigan, a public policy think tank, found that nearly 1 in 10 kids in five Grand Rapids’ zip codes tested positive for lead poisoning. These are even higher numbers than those found in Flint, Mich.

Joan Dyer Zyskowski, a program supervisor with the Community Wellness Division for the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program noted that,

Families would like to get their home done, and get the remodeling done in a lead safe way and they look for a program that might cover that, and there’s limited resources in that regard.
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