Photo courtesy Lizette Marie Interior Design
Photo courtesy Lizette Marie Interior Design

Cabinets are good for multiple purposes including adding flair to a room and giving you space to store items. HOUZZ writer Matt Clawson believes that they are the "final piece of a finished home."

If your clients are interested in adding cabinets, make sure that they understand everything involved, including a balance between style and function:

With garage cabinets, for example, storage and function are probably much more important than style. For a powder room vanity, the function (a place to wash your hands) is easily achieved, and style becomes the more important factor, which is why we see such a wide variety in powder room vanity styles. They all meet the functional criteria, but the look is limited only by the imagination.

For more information on getting storage the way you want, head over to HOUZZ. Also, check out the images below: 

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