Cities across Pennsylvania are having to deal with the startling reality that their children may have high levels of lead in their blood. Throughout Pennsylvania, at least 10% of children tested in 17 cities were found to have blood lead levels higher than five micrograms per deciliter, the federal safety limit on safe lead exposure. Pennsylvania pediatrician Dr. Jeffrey Gardner, told TWCNews that the major source of this lead exposure comes from old homes due to lead paint. Exposure to lead paint can lead to brain damage which in turn result in delays in development, severe learning disabilities, and seizures.

If you or your client is worried about potential lead paint exposure, there are steps that can be taken. Timothy Rice, a paint manager in Pennsylvania, says that you can use little vials to to see if your house has lead paint. Shake the vial up, break the vial inside, and wipe it on the paint. If it turns pink or red, it shows that there is lead in the paint. Cities are also urging parents to get their children tested for lead paint.

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