Pacific Northwest Living feature. Leschi house. Deborah Hays residence.
Benjamin Benschneider Pacific Northwest Living feature. Leschi house. Deborah Hays residence.

When the entire basement and garage of her home was flooded in 2014, Deborah Terry-Hayes had no option but to renovate her four-level home in Leschi , Wash. house. Terry-Hayes’ husband had only passed away a few months before, so Terry-Hayes was left with an empty and crumbling home. So she decided to update the home by expanding the small kitchen and upgrading the master bath.

Speaking with the Seattle Times, Terry-Hayes said, “My life had to go down to the studs, just like the house. Keep the frame, but add new. The structure is still the same.”

The kitchen posed the biggest problem because it was so narrow that if she were to bend down, she’d hit something. If she opened the oven door, she couldn’t stand in front of it. The kitchen’s size made it “so awkward that cooking was inconveniently uncomfortably unworkable.”

So, Terry-Hayes connected with Kelly Lyons and Lauren Hockema of K&L Interiors, who “relocated pretty much everything” by removing one wall and lowering another, installing new cabinetry, and adding frosted-glass textured tiles. The result was a much more spacious and inviting kitchen. This newness continued throughout the home, with an updated master bedroom and bath. The home now includes neutral whites and grays, along with subtle purples to accent the home. The home renovation allowed for Terry-Hayes to still remember her husband, but also helped her heal.

Take inspiration from this home renovation for revamping a home.

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