Your projects may have included creating a man cave or two, but have you ever heard of a company geared toward designing the bachelor pad? That's exactly what Patty Frishman and Tanyha Schimel have done with their design company SimplyHome2.

The two realized that many men who moved into their own houses or apartments did not have time to decorate their new places, nor did they know how. So, the designers launched their company to help transform bachelor pads from sterile, "fresh-out-of-college"-looking spaces to well-designed homes.

The designers also take into account any children the men may have:

For recently separated fathers who have children going back and forth between two homes, Frischman and Schimel have a few go-to rules they stick with. “Just because your children are living between two homes, it does not mean they should have to pack a suitcase every time they go to the other house,” Schimel explained. “We replicate their favorite items–from books, toys, special blankets, pillows, and products for older kids to keep in the second home. We find that this helps children feel more comfortable and settled in,” she opined.

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