The Wall Street Journal's J.S. Marcus looks at a minimalist, modern villa designed for a pair of middle-aged Finnish empty-nesters not long after their two daughters left for college.

"Cozy" may not be the first adjective that springs to mind when describing a home constructed almost entirely of concrete, but the couple managed to warm up their new home with oak floors, oversized windows, and landscaping. The three-story, 2,314 square-foot villa rests on a bluff above the Baltic sea and features an open-plan living and dining area.

“I wanted to minimize the number of colors and materials,” says Mr. Leino, who oversees design projects at Martela and took an active role in the design of his house.

... Mr. Leino would have preferred to pour the concrete walls on site, he says, but couldn’t find the expertise he demanded. As a concession, they ordered up indentations in the factory-made components, mimicking the effect left by molds.
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