Many paint manufacturers have named the color white as their color of 2016. However, including all white in your bathroom can leave your bathroom looking sterile. contributor Jennifer Ott lists 8 ways to use white elegantly in a bathroom remodel.

  1. Use a backdrop for investing architectural details because white paint doesn’t distract.
  2. Use white as a canvas for eye catching plumbing fixtures
  3. Keep the interior color palette minimal if there is a window with a nice view
  4. Use white to accentuate great light fixtures
  5. Use an all-white palette to make it appear larger
  6. Use white to play up texture and sheen for your paint, tile, and decorative accessories
  7. White accents and paint add a crisp and clean look to bathrooms with wood materials
  8. Use white on bathrooms with exposed brick to add charm and character.
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