In order to grow your business you ned to invest in both time and money. You can’t expect miracles overnight. However, if you are patient and dedicate the time to fully develop your marketing strategy, you can see lasting results for the rest of the year. Writing for REmodeler’s Advantage, Spencer Powell provides five goals that you can set for you and your company for the rest of 2016.

  1. Establish a lifecycle of stages by making sure everyone in your company knows the naming conventions you are using
By establishing lifecycle stages, this allows you to see not only how many leads you’re generating, but how many are qualified. Marketing should be aiming to generate more SQL type of leads. Sales should be following up with all Leads and MQLs to determine whether or not they should be marked as SQLs.
  1. Get marketing automation installed
  2. Buy a CRM and actually use it
  3. Double your lead volume
  4. Double your follow-up activity
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