As you work on your personal new year’s resolutions, set a goal for your business to give back to your community this year. Set a giving goal for your community so that “your business can donate time, talent, or treasure to help make your community or even our planet a happier, healthier, or safer place to live.” Consider this as not only an investment in your community, but also in your business.  Here are four ways you can accomplish this:

  1. Give back by volunteering technical expertise to rewarding remodeling projects like Habitat for Humanity
  2. Vocational training is critically important to maintaining America’s growing economy. Consider becoming a mentor and teaching a younger person the tips and trick of the remodeling business.
  3. Donate product, equipment, or space to a local non-profit in need. 
  4. Donate a portion of your company’s funds towards a local non-profit that is doing good for the community by tying your support directly to an increase in revenue. 
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