Remodeling any home can be a messy affair. One particular issue is that of dust from projects settling all over your house. Answering a question from a remodeler in Iowa, Popular Mechanics' senior home editor, Roy Berendoshn, gives some pointers on how to keep your home not looking "filthy" as you work on your projects. While these may seem second nature to many remodelers, they're worth reviewing.

Berendoshn suggests the following tips on keeping your home clean:

  1. If weather allows, for you to do your projects outside. Make sure that as you work outside that you frequently sweep any loose sawdust around so it doesn't spread. 
  2. Invest in and use plastic sheeting that hangs from the ceiling to the floor of a room in your home, thus isolating the work area from other parts of your house. This will cost roughly $140. This is one of the best solutions to keeping your home clean because  its static cling traps airborne dust as well.  
  3. Be sure to take frequent clean up breaks to clean your workspace and removing debris off of your shoes and clothes. Make sure that you keep a heavy-duty garbage can near your work area for easy clean up. 
  4. Lastly, use a #M Dirt Catcher Super Sticky mats at the entrance of any work space. It may seem excessive, but Berendoshn says that the sticky mats act as "a gigantic piece of tape that pulls fine dust off your shoes when you exist the work area." These will cost you $20 and Berendoshn says they work. 
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