Don’t get us wrong, kids are awesome. However, they can also be messy at times. If you’re wanting to maintain a home, here are some tips on making it kid friendly.

  1. Use fixed-cushion sofas
  2. Use vinyl flooring and your hardwood won’t get destroyed.
  3. Prevent permanent wall damage from markers and crayons by using semigloss paints
  4. If you have carpet, consider using carpet tiles so you can easily clean up any messes
  5. Create a rug under your table using carpet tiles. 
  6. Using tiled walls in your bathroom will make clean ups easier
  7. To prevent bumps and scrapes, go for rounded furniture with no sharp edges so children don’t bump into corners.
  8. Have a space for toy storage that can be closed.
  9. Create a kids corner that’s in the same space as you are where they can paint, draw, and play by using quartz as countertop. 
  10. Use coat hooks to get rid of any excess items that might be lying around like coats.
  11. Use a floating vanity 
  12. Remember to use durable finishes on your furniture that can withstand the were and tear of everyday life. 
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