Sharing a room with a sibling isn’t always easy. However, sharing a bedroom helps children bond and learn compromise, yet no matter how well siblings get along disagreements are inevitable. Houzz contributor Anna Tobin lists 10 ways you can create a bedroom fit for two.

  1. Suggest to your client to involve the kids in the design process, doing so will make them feel included and excited about the room. Have them pick out their colors, wall art and duvets to appeal to their personal styles.
  2. Even though they’re sharing a room, allow each sibling an opportunity to showcase their individual personalities by designating parts of the room for them told display their art or have them pick out their own individual features of the room. Sit down with each of the children to gauge their personalities and design from there.
  3. No matter how big, or how small, provide each sibling with their own personal space
  4. Set ground rules for each child to avoid arguments in the future
  5. Be prepared to incorporate a space to fit a young child with an older child. Design the room so that it meets the eldest child’s needs, but also is accommodating to the young.
  6. Design the space so that the younger child doesn’t harm themselves by building high shelves around the room for toys and other items.
  7. Create a space for the children to escape to, like a custom hideaway bungalow attached to the wall
  8. Free up floor space by going with good ol’ bunkbeds
  9. Design the room for enough storage space for ample playtime
  10. Lastly, might be worth it to consult a custom-furniture designer based on the configurations of the room. This allows for every inch of space to be used smartly.
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