It’s still the beginning of 2016, and with that many opportunities in the new year for unique remodeling projects. lists 10 popular design ideas from 2015 that you can still use on remodeling projects in 2016. 

  1. Use graphic tiles on your walls to make a “big statement and hearken back to the mid-century, when tiles embraced color and pattern”
  2. Sectional sofas to allow the space to actually be used and open
  3. Reuse old materials by being creative and minimize waste 
  4. Line window frames with bold black frames that accentuate window fixtures 
  5. Use statement fixtures to boost a simple room’s atmosphere
  6. Make stairs the focal point of an entry way with unique designs
  7. Opening up the space allows a busy family to multitask 
  8. Remove the formal dining room 
  9. Minimal designs continue to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and provide functionality
  10. Mismatch materials for an aesthetic and eclectic look to any home remodel 
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