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Equator Advanced Appliances

—Equator Advanced Appliances, located in Houston, Texas was established in 1991 by its current President and CEO - Mr. Atul Vir, for the purpose of providing the most efficient, highest quality and technologically advanced appliances to customers in North America.

——Equator is a leader in the Specialty segment of the appliance industry since 1991 years.

Equator’s mission is to provide Innovative, Practical, Top-Quality Appliances that Save Time, Space and Energy and Simplify the way people do their Chores thereby Improving the Quality of Life!.

Equator is an Eco-Friendly Company.

We make products that save Energy, Water, and Detergent. Our products also greatly reduce pollutants, which contaminate water resources This is our global responsibility towards managing Earth’s resources and preventing waste, without any loss of performance.


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