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  • 1011 Capouse Ave.
    Scranton, PA 18509

The Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding System uniquely provides the ability to work comfortably and safely at the exact height required.

• Redundant safety features.
• Rugged, pick-up truck portability.
• One-man assembly and operation is now possible.
• Stackable. Alum-A-Poles can be quickly spliced and used to a 50’ OSHA recognized maximum shoulder working height.
• Joinable horizontally and vertically to provide positive non-overlapping securement.
• Square runged aluminum staging provides superior strength.
• System packages available.

In 1980 a young siding contractor changed the pump jack scaffolding world with the first safe replacement to wood. From then to now an entire system has evolved. To date, well over one million Alum-A-Poles have been sold. Significantly, not one accident has occurred when basic instructions were followed.


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