Business Etiquette Still Matters

Even though the business world has become somewhat casual in recent years, that doesn't mean business etiquette has been thrown out the window. How you dress and carry yourself still matters. Read more

How To Re-Discover Your Motivation

It happens to the best of us, usually thanks to monotony. If you've lost your motivation or just want to refocus on what you're doing, changing the way you think—and introducing a few key habits into your routine—can help you get that motivation back. Read more

Ways to Motivate Your Staff

Knowing how to motivate your employees can be a difficult task to master. Since everyone is different and most likely at different points in their careers, you will most likely need to rely on more than one way to motivate your workers. Read more

2014 Fred Case Award Winner: Bill Simone 2014 Fred Case Award Winner: Bill Simone

At Custom Design & Construction, Bill Simone's ingredients for success are food and in-house financing Read more

25 Questions Every CEO Needs To Know How To Answer

If you own a business, there are certain questions that you should be able to answer. Here are 25 of those questions and why you, as a leader, need to know hot to answer them. Read more

The #1 Leadership Communication Mistake

The biggest mistake leaders make with communications? Not preparing. The more you prepare for communication, whether it's an informal one-on-one meeting or a huge presentation, the better it will be. Read more

What Is Company Culture and How Does It Work?

Culture eats strategy for lunch. Do you know what it means? It means that if your company culture doesn’t align with the strategy you’re promoting, your enterprise will never get ahead. It's the good old culture vs. strategy debate. Read more

Partnerships: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Partnerships are great and there are many reasons to start one if you are interested in starting or growing your business, but beware, they aren't right for everyone. Here's three reasons why you should form a partnership, three reasons not to, and three tips for success with partnerships. Read more

What Top Comedians And Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

Being a comedian takes hard work, but then again, so does owning a business. From being their own bosses to learning from failure, comedians and entrepreneurs have more in common than you'd think. Read more

Are You a Millennial Leader?

The millennials are coming—are you ready to lead them? Millennials don't think or act like baby boomers. And because they're completely different, they require a different form of leadership. Here's how to prime yourself. Read more

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