Legal Issues

District Attorney OKs Nominal Lumber Descriptions

As long as you meet NIST standards, you can call a 2x4 by its name in California Read more

Lowe's $1.6M Settlement Lists 2x4 Labeling Requirements

Advertisements must include 'actual dimensions' alongside 'common description' Read more

Lowe's Settles for $9.5M in Class Action Wage Suit

Retailer accused of 'misclassifying' HR managers in violation of FLSA provision Read more

Calif. Contractor Offers Unique Defense In Manslaughter Case

A Truckee, Calif., contractor facing manslaughter charges after cutting a pipe that prosecutors say leaked carbon monoxide into a cabin, killing the two men inside, said the culprit was really a nesting animal blocking the pipe. Read more

What Happens When You Ignore Construction Defects?

You're working on a project and you discover a defect that a prior contractor had made. What do you do? Do you fix it or call back the contractor? The fix might be easy, but it could turn into a legal mess down the road. Read more

8 Lessons From Lowe’s $6.5 Million Job-Classification Payout8 Lessons From Lowe’s $6.5 Million Job-Classification Payout

Lesson 1: You needn’t be as demanding of contractors as Lowe’s was to get sued Read more

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