Legal Issues

Lowe's Settles for $9.5M in Class Action Wage Suit

Retailer accused of 'misclassifying' HR managers in violation of FLSA provision Read more

Calif. Contractor Offers Unique Defense In Manslaughter Case

A Truckee, Calif., contractor facing manslaughter charges after cutting a pipe that prosecutors say leaked carbon monoxide into a cabin, killing the two men inside, said the culprit was really a nesting animal blocking the pipe. Read more

What Happens When You Ignore Construction Defects?

You're working on a project and you discover a defect that a prior contractor had made. What do you do? Do you fix it or call back the contractor? The fix might be easy, but it could turn into a legal mess down the road. Read more

8 Lessons From Lowe’s $6.5 Million Job-Classification Payout8 Lessons From Lowe’s $6.5 Million Job-Classification Payout

Lesson 1: You needn’t be as demanding of contractors as Lowe’s was to get sued Read more

Lowe’s Agrees to $6.5 Million Settlement in CA Employment Case

Retailer accused of treating independent contractors as employees without benefits Read more

Chinese Drywall Maker Loses a Round in Court

Drywall manufacturer Taishan Gypsum has lost a U.S. appeals court bid arguing that U.S. courts should not have applied Florida legal standards to the Chinese company. The company has yet to settle, however, and the case still appears far from over. Read more

'Yelp Trial' Injunction and Retrial Denied in Case's Final Conclusion 'Yelp Trial' Injunction and Retrial Denied in Case's Final Conclusion

But judge says defendant "posted untruths" in her online reviews, warns similar cases could "chill free speech." Read more

Caution: Homeowners on Site

Homeowners visiting a project in progress often makes contractors cringe. Aside from customers making last-minute changes, unexpected visits to the jobsite can open up liability issues—especially if the homeowner gets injured. Here's one such horror story. Read more

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