Change Orders

Customers Killing You on Change Orders? Van Halen Has the Answer Customers Killing You on Change Orders? Van Halen Has the Answer

You probably don't associate the famous rockers with being crafty businessmen, but... Read more

Stop Losing Money on Change Orders

Remodeling industry consultants Leslie Shiner and Melanie Hodgdon offer tips on creating a work authorization form to keep from losing money on change orders. Read more

Change Order Management: Creating a System That Works

Having a change order management system will save time and help prevent client misunderstandings. Read more

Orderly Change: Managing the Change Order Process

Collecting payment for change orders isn't difficult, as long as you have a clear process and you make clients aware of it early in the remodeling process. Read more

Change Order? Get It in Writing

Remodelers can save themselves a lot of trouble by ensuring that they define a clear change-order process and closely adhere to it. Read more

Know Your Lines: Building a Thorough Estimate

Pre-construction preparation using a detailed line-item spreadsheet helps build a more accurate estimate and reduce the number of change orders. Read more

The Fallacy of the Fast Track

Tim Faller: There really is no such thing as a fast track. Skipping steps from planning to production can be costly. Read more

Affecting Change Affecting Change

Allison Iantosca: A gentle nudge can be more powerful than a raised voice when it comes to getting employees to change their work habits. Read more

Service With a Smile: Effective Negotiation

With homeowners still wielding the bulk of negotiating power, remodelers must be able to plant their feet diplomatically. Read more

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