March 2014 Table of Contents

Plug Into Home TechnologyPlug Into Home Technology

Think home automation is just for the tech savvy? Think again Read more

Your Business
Should Remodelers Try to Kill Angie's List by Boycotting It?Should Remodelers Try to Kill Angie's List by Boycotting It?

A reader suggested recently that the best way to fight Angie's List would be to ignore it--thus starving it of the funds it needs to stay alive. That's boycott talk. Do you agree? Tell us. Read more

Your Clients
How Can You Succeed as a Remodeler? Set Up Shop Amid Model Homes

A unique marketing village for construction brings MSA Remodeling lots of clients Read more

Your Team
Are Your Workers Stuck in a Rut? Here Are Two Ways to Get Them Out

All it took for REMODELING consultant Paul Winans to motivate his team was a single dollar bill, used in a dramatic fashion. Read more

NARI Urges OSHA to Postpone Silica RuleNARI Urges OSHA to Postpone Silica Rule

A group of 25 industry associations have banded together to ask OSHA to rethink its far-reaching and costly silica dust proposal. Read more

Your Projects
Is Flood Insurance Your Problem?Is Flood Insurance Your Problem?

If you don't know much about substantial improvement, it could be. Read more

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