January 2013 Table of Contents

Before + After Prairie Revival: Texas Ranch Remodel

A rustic Texas Hill Country ranch gets a complete redo, while respecting its hardscrabble past. Read more

2013 Cost vs. Value Report

The big news is a bump up in the cost-value ratio due to lower costs and stabilizing house prices. Read more

How To: Develop a Social Media StrategyHow To: Develop a Social Media Strategy

Your competitors are online, so you have to be too. But you need a social media game plan. We show you how to start crafting one. Read more

First Word
True Colors: First Words From Remodeling's New Editor-in-Chief

Craig Webb has known a few multitaskers. As REMODELING's new editor, he expects he's going to meet about 100,000 more. Read more

Change Order: New Leadership at Remodeling Magazine

Sal Alfano shifts his focus from REMODELING to THE JOURNAL OF LIGHT CONSTRUCTION. Read more

Where the Money Goes in a New HomeWhere the Money Goes in a New Home

When it comes to return on investment, what sort of bang for their buck do new-home buyers get? A recent NAHB study offers some insights. Read more

Get in the Game: Have a Plan in Place Before the Fiscal Year Gets Under Way

Paul Winans talks about creating and following a budget for your business well before the year starts. Read more

How a Structured Sales Process Benefits Your Clients and Your Company

Richard Steven describes how using your production schedule as inspiration to create a sales schedule keeps clients and your company on track. Read more

Shift Your Reaction to Change

Shawn McCadden encourages remodelers to be proactive rather than reactive in adapting to change because it can mean the difference between business success and failure. Read more

Don't Believe the Hype: People Matter More Than Metrics

Michael Anschel offers a reminder: Despite the platitudes that business leaders have been spouting off for eons, it really is the people who matter the most, both inside and outside your company. Read more

Your Business
Spread Risk by Diversifying Your BusinessSpread Risk by Diversifying Your Business

How one remodeler's decision to purchase the appliance store next door to his business will help him spread his risk and secure a future for his employees. Read more

Worth It: Increasing the Feasibility Fee Better Covers Design Costs

For one Indiana remodeler, clients are willing to pay $1,000 to $1,500 to see if their project is feasible. Read more

Buy What You Need; Need What You Buy When It Comes to Technology

Remodeling industry technology consultant Joe Stoddard on how to get the most out of your technology purchases. Read more

Quality Controlling the Business

If you assume that it's OK to put a heat register under a window, inevitably your client will say, ëI want to put a big plant right there,'” jokes Chris Withers about the hundreds of moments in a remodeling project when decisions must be made. And they're best made upfront. Read more

Your Clients
In the Know: American Community Survey Indicates Local ConditionsIn the Know: American Community Survey Indicates Local Conditions

In which areas do homeowners need your services? The U.S. Census Bureau's Community Survey can help you find out. Read more

Your Team
Building a Subcontractor CommunityBuilding a Subcontractor Community

A remodeler who wants to continue growing his company without hiring more permanent staff turns to a network of subcontractors to get things done. Read more

Who Qualifies Leads? Refining the Lead Intake Process

Having someone other than the company owner qualify leads frees the owner to concentrate on other aspects of the business. Read more

The Affordable Care Act and You: Health Care for Small BusinessThe Affordable Care Act and You: Health Care for Small Business

If your company offers health care benefits, start preparing now for the Affordable Care Act“s start in 2014. Read more

Your Projects
Smartphones as a Way to Boost Efficiency and Help Make the SaleSmartphones as a Way to Boost Efficiency and Help Make the Sale

A smartphone can be a handy tool to improve communication and increase your efficiency, helping you sell jobs more effectively. Read more

Decks: When Wood Won't DoDecks: When Wood Won't Do

Finding an alternative to wood decking in fire-prone California leads one architect to use aluminum grates. Read more

Earth Friendly: Granite Transformations Terra CollectionEarth Friendly: Granite Transformations Terra Collection

Gold, brown, and black flecks give character to the earth-tone Terra collection. Read more

Hard-Top Trend: Wood CountertopsHard-Top Trend: Wood Countertops

The Thomas Creek Wood Countertop brand sprang from customers' positive feedback of the wood countertop trend. Read more

Home Performance
Basement InsulationBasement Insulation

A JLC reader gets expert advice on how to insulate an existing basement in a cold climate. Read more

Bad Air Day: Looking to Improve Indoor Air Quality? Address These IssuesBad Air Day: Looking to Improve Indoor Air Quality? Address These Issues

AS homes have become increasingly tight, indoor air quality has become increasingly important. But solutions are not always as straightforward as remodelers would like. Read more

Visibly Efficient: Simonton Asure WindowsVisibly Efficient: Simonton Asure Windows

Simonton Asure windows let the light in without sacrificing energy efficiency. Read more

How Articulate: Endura Z-Series Articulated Cap SillSpotlight: Articulated Sill How Articulate: Endura Z-Series Articulated Cap Sill

Let your door monitor itself for necessary adjustments to make a tight seal. Read more

Window & Door Demand to Grow 10% Annually Through 2016

A report from Principia forecasts strong growth for this important building product segment. Read more

Set in Stone: Walker Zanger Numero 21 TileSet in Stone: Walker Zanger Numero 21 Tile

Easier to install and maintain than concrete but still offering the sleek, cool look. Read more

Nice Hangout: WoodTrac Closet SystemNice Hangout: WoodTrac Closet System

A custom closet doesn't have to cost a fortune. Read more

A Bone to Pick: IndusParquet Herringbone Flooring in Brazilian CherryA Bone to Pick: IndusParquet Herringbone Flooring in Brazilian Cherry

Make a bold flooring statement with pattern and species. Read more

Crowning Achievement: Fypon Miterless Molding SystemsCrowning Achievement: Fypon Miterless Molding Systems

Decorative blocks at seams and corners eliminate the need to miter crown molding. Read more

Products With Resolve: IBS 2013 PreviewProducts With Resolve: IBS 2013 Preview

The 2013 International Builders' Show promises to showcase plenty of in-demand products. Here's a hand-picked preview. Read more

Good Form
Big50 Application for Class of 2013Big50 Application for Class of 2013

An explanation of the information requested on REMODELING's Big50 application. Read more

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