2010 Issues

January 2010 January 2010

The January feature section is about "Starting Over," when changes intended as stop-gap measures are becoming the new status quo. Find out how remodelers are adjusting to smaller jobs, tighter credit, longer lead times, and total internal reorganization. Also, check out REMODELING's new look!

February 2010 February 2010

This issue contains a feature section on "The New Remodeling Client": Homeowner attitudes have changed in ways that make past strategies obsolete. We look at what's changed, and at how remodelers must adapt to attract buyers and make the sale.

March 2010 March 2010

This issue contains the annual Buyer's Guide.

April 2010 April 2010

Kitchen and Bath Revisited: We survey the new scene, look at bath packages that meet the need for cost-effective remodels, and investigate the growing array of alternatives for homeowners who want to remodel but lack extensive funds.

May 2010 May 2010

Introducing the Big50 Class of 2010: These companies stand out for their sound business practices, solid management skills, careful craftsmanship, and community service. Also, handcrafted gifts provide a way to distinguish your brand and delight your clients. Regarding the EPA’s lead paint rule - your company may be up to speed but are your trade contractors?

June 2010 June 2010

This is our special Home Performance issue: The industry is changing, and change is uncomfortable. But with change comes opportunity for growth and diversification. Our look at the Home Star energy retrofit bill covers the types of work it involves, certification requirements, franchising opportunities, financing options, and the tools needed for diagnostic testing.

July 2010 July 2010

This issue: Steal This Idea — Looking to snag a few best practices to pull you through the recession, boost your bottom line, and position your company for success? We've got you covered — in all aspects of your business, from management to design to production. Sneak a peak and pilfer at will.

August 2010 August 2010

Check out the Remodeling 550: a listing of the largest remodeling, home improvement, insurance restoration, and franchise companies in the home renovation industry. Also, check out remodeling for resale, the latest residential design trends, bringing new life to underused spaces, and more.

September 2010 September 2010

This month: meet Matt Plaskoff, the winner of the 2010 Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the Year Award who is dedicated to eradicating inefficiency, learn how your company can utilize the skills of former owners who closed down shop during the recession, and take a look at a 1960s home in San Francisco that got a new millennium remodel.

October 2010 October 2010

This month: the 2010 Remodeling Design Awards were selected from over 240 entries nationwide, these residential and light commercial remodeling projects lead way with high standards of design and creative problem-solving. New this year: a basement-remodeling category. Also, get in touch with Your Clients: the key causes of customer dissatisfaction, giving clients your advice, building client trust, and more.

November 2010 November 2010

Featuring the 2010–2011 Cost Vs. Value Report: Sagging home prices, tight credit, and consumer indecision trumped lower construction costs, sending the cost-to-value ratio to its lowest level in a decade. Small replacement projects still rank high on value, but there are signs that full-scale remodeling is poised to make a comeback.

December 2010 December 2010

Featuring the 2010 Wage + Benefit Survey: REMODELING's biennial survey shows that, despite cutbacks, remodeling company owners remain positive.

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