October 2008 Table of Contents

2008 Remodeling Design Awards 2008 Remodeling Design Awards

Our team of judges pored over 340 entries in the 2008 Remodeling Design awards to select 21 winners that represent the highest standards of design and excellence. Read more

Additions: "Brilliant Bridge"

An addition to a 1950s home connects to the existing structure via a glass-enclosed bridge. Read more

Additions: "Roots Music"

This organically inspired addition and renovation of a wedge-shaped, brick-faced 1970s home melds with its environment. Read more

Remodeling Design Awards 2008 Charming Bathroom Remodel 'Farmhouse Style'

A charming bathroom remodel on a budget. Read more

Bathroom Remodeling: "All in Order"

With minimal disruption to the main living areas, this careful remodel of a bathroom in an old home creates a serene space. Read more

Commercial Remodeling: "Elegant Institution"

A university building gets some much needed care, restoring it to its former elegance. Read more

Commercial Remodeling: "Dynamic Warehouse"

This remodel transforms a generic warehouse into a dynamic headquarters for a residential remodeler/custom home builder. Read more

Design/Build: "Basement Makeover"

Creative design elements go a long way toward transforming this low-ceilinged basement into an inviting living space. Read more

Design/Build: "Lightening Up"

With new windows and a more open floor plan, a 1960s ranch house lets in the light. Read more

Design/Build: "Treetop Whimsy"

A poorly built deck is transformed into a timber-screened treetop room able to accommodate up to 20 guests. Read more

Green Remodeling: "It's Fundamental" Green Remodeling: "It's Fundamental"

A traditional ranch-style home goes green with energy-efficient and sustainable building products. Read more

Green Remodeling: Eclectic Kitchen

Green principles guide the remodel of a cramped kitchen. Read more

Kitchen remodeling: "Lakeside Lovely"

By creating "zones" and using varied finishes to define spaces, the designers dramatically changed the look and flow of this L-shaped kitchen. Read more

Kitchen Remodeling: "Designed for Living"

The kitchen in this 1980s-era split-level home became the project's central component, adding bright style and improved functionality. Read more

Kitchen Remodeling: "Family Function"

An outdated kitchen gets a stylish makeover, making it functional for entertaining and family life. Read more

Kitchen Remodeling: "Floating Function"

Not only does this remodel integrate a light-flooded, modern kitchen into a historically significant home without disrupting the integrity of the exterior elevations, it's also green. Read more

Old-House Renovation: "Artful Overhaul"

Attention to historical detail and the seamless incorporation of modern amenities transform this 1892 Queen Anne into an inviting, functional home. Read more

Old-House Renovation: "Squarely Historic"

A classic foursquare undergoes a dramatic restoration and expansion that is consistent from room to room throughout the house. Read more

Old-House Renovation: "New Victorian"

Central to the gut remodel of a stick-style Carpenter Gothic Victorian home is the overhaul of the kitchen to create a bold-colored space with work zones for multiple cooks. Read more

Old-House Renovation: "Old-New Conversation"

The renovation of a neglected Queen Anne Victorian listed on the National Register of Historic Places uses materials and massing elements to relate the new house to the old. Read more

Best of the Year: "Modern Engagement"

This award-winning project brings residential modern design to otherwise conservative Washington, D.C., throwing in some interesting design elements along the way. Read more

Whole-House Remodeling: "Triumphant Underdog"

This charming remodel involved improving the circulation and both rearranging and adding space to extend the home's useful life. Read more

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