October 2007 Table of Contents

Cathedral Builder Web Extra: John Abrams, In His Own Words

Experience meets inspiration in the form of John Abrams, of South Mountain Company - a $7.5 million design/build firm in Martha's Vineyard, Mass. - and winner of the inaugural Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The qualities that won him that accolade are well on display in his body of work. Read more

Making positive changes in the business Making positive changes in the business

The three remodeling business owners profiled here still wear a lot of hats, and still exist -- despite the number of years they have individually given their businesses -- in what remodeling consultant Judith Miller would call "early growth" stages, those businesses with very involved owners. They have spent years honing their craft and learning about business like many remodeling company owners -- the hard way, through trial and error. But they are all in the process of making changes that will lead to growth and profitability. Each has experienced small victories along the way to reaching these larger goals. Read more

What design/build means

When a remodeler says his company is "design/build" what exactly does that mean? Read more

2007 Fred Case Award Winner: John Abrams 2007 Fred Case Award Winner: John Abrams

John Abrams believes that homes, relationships, communities, and small companies should be built to last for generations. Here's why he's the first winner of The Fred Case Remodeling Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and why South Mountain Company, with 15 employee-owners and 17 owners-to-be, will be building and remodeling homes on Martha's Vineyard for decades to come. Read more

Working With Professional Designers Working With Professional Designers

It's no secret that remodelers and architects have endured a historically adversarial relationship. Read more

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