March 2007 Table of Contents

Web Extra: Would You Like Insurance With That?

It's inherent in the concept of total compensation that the cost of employee benefits will limit employee wages. Health insurance, in particular, is so expensive that the hourly cost to most remodelers is equal to as much as $4 per hour. So what do you do if an employee declines coverage and then asks for the money to be applied to wages? Read more

Employees or subcontractors Employees or subcontractors

In recent years, many remodelers have taken up the subcontractor mantle -- for trades in particular. But many feel just as strongly that having employees is the model to follow. There is, of course, no right or wrong way to run your business -- just considerations of the strengths and challenges of each. Read more

Maintaining strong relationships with trade partners

Working efficiently with trade partners means identifying companies that have values and goals that mirror your own. Read more

Computing total compensation

Do you know how much you really spend on your employees? More importantly, do they know? In the final installment of our benefit series, REMODELING explores the idea of total compensation -- the true cost (and value) of employment at your company. Read more

Getting the Job Done Reader Panel Getting the Job Done

Although there has long been debate among remodelers over whether it is more advantageous to build projects using independent trade contractors or in-house employees, statistics show that most contractors find it necessary to use subcontractors in at least some capacity during production. Read more

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