January 2007 Table of Contents

Web Extra: Additional Reading Materials for "The New Recruits"

Got an urge to learn more? Fernando PagÈs Ruiz recommends the following books for helping U.S.-born remodelers and builders bridge the gaps between their U.S.-born employees and the foreign-born population. Read more

Welcoming the immigrant workforce Welcoming the immigrant workforce

The future of the remodeling workforce is alive and well in Lincoln, Neb., where the nine employees of diverse-by-design Brighton Construction are still excited about their careers. Read more

Test your cultural awareness

Test yourself with these questions on cultural awareness. Read more

Hispanics will be significant market for remodelers Hispanics will be significant market for remodelers

Have you built a presence among Hispanic customers in your market? If not, consider that they are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the U.S., and their incomes are growing rapidly as well. This group will be a significant market for remodelers, if not immediately, then very soon. Read more

How benefits affect the bottom line

Benefit costs are skyrocketing, but they're becoming increasingly essential to retaining a loyal and productive workforce. In the first of a three-part series, REMODELING looks at how benefits affect the bottom line. Read more

Multicultural Clients Reader Panel Multicultural Clients

The results of a REMODELING survey regarding multiculturalism on the job. Read more

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