April 2007 Table of Contents

Understanding your sweet spot job Understanding your sweet spot job

Your “sweet spot” is “a particular kind of project that you enjoy doing, [and] know you can do efficiently, on time, and on budget with a delighted customer and minimal stress,” says consultant and REMODELING columnist Victoria Downing. Read more

Always help your customers, in whatever way your business model allows

Some helpful advice as to how one can become the first--and only--person your clients think to call. Read more

Understanding what boomers want in universal design and luxury

When the pre-boomer generations hit their 60s and retired, they substantially cut remodeling dollars. Will 76 million boomers do the same? Read more

Protect your business from disaster

There's no sure way to disaster-proof a remodeling business, but it's usually instructive to look back and identify any mistakes, shortcuts, omissions, or denials that might have allowed little problems to snowball into big ones, and big problems to turn calamitous. Read more

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