March 2006 Table of Contents

Letting Go Letting Go

Often, to succeed, you have to get out of your own way. That may be especially true when you run your own business: You can carry all the responsibilities for just so long. You know you need to shed tasks ó replacing yourself in the field, in the office, as a manager ó but a combination of fear and hubris stops you. Read more

Marketing Masters

It's only recently that a distinction has been made between replacement contractors ópurveyors of replacement windows, siding, and roofing; gutters and gutter protection systems; and decks and sunrooms ó and full-service remodelers. Read more

Fielding Questions

Though most remodeling company owners focus on skills when hiring field staff, many recognize that attitude is equally or even more important than construction skills. “A lot of this business is about attitude,” says REMODELING contributor and consultant Tim Faller of Field Training Services in Westerly, R.I. Read more

Before + After: Serenity Now Before + After: Serenity Now

Seven years ago, when Michael Jensen and Susan Strober bought a 40-year-old home on the Gulf of Mexico, they knew that a renovation was in their future. What the couple didn't know was that the renovation would eventually involve more than 2 years of planning and getting the required permits, and 2Ω years of construction, during which time the original 3,970-square-foot house would do a vanishing act. Read more

Handing Off Responsibilities Reader Panel Handing Off Responsibilities

Delegation ó or the lack of it ó is probably the biggest obstacle facing new remodelers. A young remodeling company requires a lot of attention, and 60-hour-plus work weeks certainly aren't uncommon. But if the company is going to move out of its infancy, then its owner must start to pass responsibilities on to others. Read more

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