January 2006 Table of Contents

Woman's Work Woman's Work

Many company owners are becoming increasingly aware that creating an atmosphere in which women thrive helps everyone in the company. Read more

Tract Teachers

To even the playing field, remodelers should look at the things new-home builders do well. Here are four areas where they have something to teach: Read more

Know Thy Market

It's not something you have to take on by yourself. You can get a local consultant to help you with it, at a minimum cost of around $2,000, though the price tag can climb significantly higher depending on how extensively you decide to redo your marketing materials. But if you're short on monetary resources and have the time, you can do most of it on your own. So welcome to Market Analysis 101. What follows are the five steps to a better position in your marketplace. Read more

Deconstructing Generation X

Gen Xers are entering their peak earning years with a sufficiently different set of experiences and expectations that could rewrite the rules of remodeling relationships. Time to log on, open up, and take the time to explain things. Read more

Before+After: Leading the Way Before+After: Leading the Way

Remodelers are in the business of making dreams happen, not dashing hopes. But to move on a project, you have to help clients figure out what is important to them, which often means redirecting their expectations. Read more

Reader Panel: Women in Remodeling Reader Panel: Women in Remodeling

Many remodelers find that women, especially those in sales positions, more quickly and effectively establish a firm level of trust with clients. Some male employees still question women's place in physically demanding field positions. Clients, however, have been overwhelmingly positive ó a sign that it may be time for remodelers to rethink the face they present to consumers. Read more

Marketing Makeover

Remodelers don't need big promo budgets to bring in business. Read more

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