August 2006 Table of Contents

Creating and effective Web site Creating and effective Web site

When it comes to remodeling and the Internet, consumers are leading the way. Remodelers may be slow to realize the importance of a Web site to their company's success ó about 40% of respondents to this month's Reader Panel survey said they didn't have a Web site ó but today's consumers are becoming more and more reliant on the Internet for information. Read more

Procedures that facilitate best remodeling practices

From financial files to project warranties, a look at procedures that facilitate best remodeling practices. Read more

Survey about remodeling businesses on the Web Survey about remodeling businesses on the Web

This month's Reader Panel shows that remodelers are still on the on-ramp to the information superhighway. Only slightly more than half of respondents who took our e-mailed survey said their company has a Web site. Read more

The Seven Essential Systems Best practices for the production process

Production goes from sales through the last check or warranty item. Read more

The 7 Essential Systems Developing a design process starting with sales

Todd Jackson of Jackson Design & Remodeling, in San Diego, developed a design process that starts with sales. “If you just turn a client over to a designer, they'll fall in love with a beautiful design that's over budget and can't be built,” Jackson says. Read more

The 7 Essential Systems Creating an effective sales process

At Kustom Kitchen Designs, in Delavan, Wis., one salesperson returns lead calls within 24 hours, asks a few qualifying questions, and, if the fit seems good, schedules a meeting at the home in five to seven days. Red flags are subjective but might include the prospect saying he or she is getting several bids. Read more

The 7 Essential Systems Creating a strong marketing system

Eric and Leif Jackson hadn't created their mission statement when they formed Jackson Remodeling in 1999, but the Seattle brothers knew from the start that they wanted “to differentiate ourselves from that guy with a dog and a truck,” Leif says. To establish their legitimacy, the Jacksons initially stressed their being licensed, bonded, and insured. In their second year, they sought “award-worthy” projects, entered and won some local contests, and began promoting themselves as award-winning. Read more

The 7 Essential Systems Maximizing your personnel

A personnel system should define a company's needs, find the best person to fulfill each of those needs, and retain those employees. David Crane, owner of Crane Builders in Nashville, Tenn., uses the DISC personality profiling system to make sure new hires fit the company culture. Read more

The 7 Essential Systems Best practices in communication

For company-wide success, good communication must occur within each system and among all the systems, as well as with subs, suppliers, and clients. But the actual devices used to communicate can be seen as a system itself. Read more

The 7 Essential Systems Making Financial Decisions for Your Company

Consultant Steve Maltzman says that a financial system without a plan is like a race without a finish line. “Having an understanding of where you want to go is critical for even a small remodeler. At a minimum, decide how much money you want to make, how many jobs you need to do that, and what your margin should be to make that goal,” he says. Read more

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