October 2005 Table of Contents

Revisions of Home

Out of the millions of houses built in the United States from the early 1900s through the 1970s, the vast majority qualify as a classic builder-driven house type. Read more

Brand Aid Brand Aid

It's not just about brochures or logos ó often the first thing people think of when they hear the word ó but about how well promises are supported by actions. Defining your company's promise takes research to create a strategic framework that can help you understand what your business is all about, who your clients are, and how best to reach them. Read more

Young remodelers challenge convention Young remodelers challenge convention

Young remodelers are challenging conventions. Read more

Keeping schedules on track

Here's a look at the scheduling strategies that three remodelers use to keep their projects on track. Read more

On Message On Message

Who is Walt Stoeppelwerth? Remodeler and consultant Shawn McCadden calls him “the remodeling god” who wrote the “bible” on remodeling company management. Publisher Peter Miller says he is an industry cheerleader who made an industry “that had an inferiority complex feel good about itself.” No matter the definition, Stoeppelwerth's influence is undeniable. Read more

Before+After Upgrading a Duplex in Los Angeles

A-Team Construction helps a Los Angeles homeowner find balance Read more

Split-Level Split-Level

Hands-down, the split-level owns the title of architects' least favorite house to remodel. “It's a difficult type to work with because it's so poorly constructed, and the room sizes are way too small,” says Lane Williams, AIA, a Seattle architect who says he tries to avoid split-levels. Read more

Bungalow Revisions of Home Bungalow

Judging from the high percent-age of architects who live in remodeled bungalows, this house type holds enduring appeal for the design-conscious. Read more

Colonial Revival

The center-hall colonial revival is a lot like a well-made tuxedo: It outlasts trends and is perfect for formal occasions. But, as with a tux, it's unyielding for everyday situations. Read more

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