May 2005 Table of Contents

Engineering the client experience Engineering the client experience

Self-described remodeling neophytes Susan Parker and Ed Hynes “lived to rue the day” they almost hired another contractor instead of Greg Antonioli. The Boston-area couple, a college professor and a library director, had a substantial project in mind when they interviewed a remodeler we'll call Roger, as well as Antonioli, president of Out of the Woods Construction and Woodworking, a $1.5 million design/build firm in Arlington, Mass. Read more

Presentation wins the sale

On the one hand it seems that sales call etiquette is merely common sense. On the other, it seems that sales calls can be pretty easy to mess up. Read more

Remodel combines two houses into office space Remodel combines two houses into office space

DesireÈ MacSorley purchased two adjacent 1930s houses in an up-and-coming commercial neighborhood as an investment. Read more

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