March 2005 Table of Contents

Handling the larger remodel job Handling the larger remodel job

For any remodeler, going after that first big job is frightening and exciting. “As an entrepreneur you are seduced by a sense of possibility,” says Paul Winans, owner of Winans construction in Berkeley, Calif., and NARI president-elect. “When it comes walking toward you, you're scared and attracted at the same time. ëShould we go for it and will we get it and if we do how do we do it?'” Read more

Purchasing a franchise

Thinking about purchasing a franchise? There are questions to ask and answer and processes to follow to make finding “the one” all the more successful. Read more

Surveying the cost of business Surveying the cost of business

Our 2004 survey offers a glimpse into the facts and figures of the industry. Read more

Survey of readers on franchises Reader Panel Survey of readers on franchises

Though most remodelers do not own construction-related franchises, 33% of our respondents have considered purchasing one. Of the owners that purchased a franchise, 70% still own their original company and 67% manage both companies themselves. Those who invested in a franchise cite the desire to diversify for a more steady income as the No. 1 reason for purchase. Other reasons include increasing profitability and volume of work. Read more

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