January 2005 Table of Contents

Targeting profitable jobs

Separating the wheat from the chaff within that customer plain is how remodelers reap profitability. Case, for example, relies on computer-aided analyses of its extensive project database to predict future customer buying patterns. Other remodelers take the more basic route of screening potential customers to determine everything from the limitations of their budgets to how easy they would be to work with. These interviews help remodelers avoid customers who might impede their companies' productivity objectives. Read more

Tapping the minority market Tapping the minority market

If the buying power and homeownership rates of minorities increase as predicted, remodelers across the country who want to break into this lucrative market will need to understand the needs of and target Hispanic, African-American, and Asian customers. Remodelers in California, Florida, and Texas have already begun to make adjustments, as have contractors in large metropolitan areas. Read more

Understanding marketing basics Understanding marketing basics

Marketing: it's everything a business does that touches prospects and clients. It should be the heart of your business, from which all operational and management plans flow. So why do so many small-business owners fail to market or to develop marketing plans? Read more

Remodeling with absent owners Remodeling with absent owners

Not many people could buy a house 1,300 miles away, hire a design/build firm, then return home to wait out the remodel. But Candace and Larry (they've asked that their last names not be used) are just the sort of people who could do it ó and did. And David and Peggy Mackowski, owners of Raleigh, N.C.ñbased Quality Design and Construction, are just the sort of remodelers to meet the challenge. Read more

Survey of marketing methods Reader Panel Survey of marketing methods

Barely 29% of remodelers surveyed prepare a marketing plan and budget each year, and 80% spend 3% or less of annual revenues on marketing. Read more

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