December 2005 Table of Contents

Overworking in the remodeling industry

Overworking in the remodeling industry is a familiar story. Although there are no statistics on remodeler burnout and family trouble specifically, Clay Nelson, who has been a business and life coach in the remodeling industry for the past 25 years, says that compared with other industries, remodelers seem to “consume themselves the quickest.” Read more

Minorities still face discrimination Minorities still face discrimination

Rodney Webb isn't your typical home improvement salesman. He boasts a 91% close rate. He has sold $3.6 million of replacement windows and siding in a single year. He's also black, and that sets him apart in the industry almost as much as his varied work history and remarkable accomplishments as a salesman. People may have come a long way toward accepting different ethnicities, but minorities still face discrimination and additional challenges in the remodeling industry. Read more

Before+After Tuscan-themed overhaul transforms dull ranch house

The design/build remodeler on this project used a Tuscan-themed overhaul both inside and out to add style and warmth to a dull ranch house. Read more

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